Here at Gourmet Animal, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of our vast expertise.


Enthusiasts of large breed dogs such as the German Shepherd, Husky and other, as well as cats of breed we possess a vast experience in order to be offer advice and recommendations tailored to your pets needs in terms of feed, accessories and more importantly specificity and requirements of certain breeds.  A large breed dog does not have the same needs as a medium dog or a small breed for example.


Did you know that not every saddle is designed or adapted to every horse...?

We have the tools to help you make the right choice, according to your riding preference, objectives and budget.

Horse owners ourselves, competitors at heart, our staff you will advise you in your choice of feeds, supplements and quantities that not only meet minimum dietary needs, keeping in mind the level of activity and needs of your horse.  We have all the expertise under one roof to best support and recommend equipment, accessories and products.

Your needs:

Do you own a small, medium or large stable?

You need bedding, feed, accessories?

We offer multiple services and expertise:

·      Measuring your horse for the purchase of a saddle

We serve the region...

Come and meet us, talk to our staff, meet the owners; a visit will convince you and you will leave with confidence knowing that the needs of your pet remains our priority.